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About company

Limited Liability Company "Production-Innovative company "DeViRo"




Production-Innovative company "DeViRo" was established in Ukraine in 2014. We specialize in the design, development and production of UAVs civilian and military purposes.


Our team includes  high qualified engineers, who deal with innovative design and development of UAVs, big staff of the workers, who deal with assembly of UAV, and also high qualified instructors, that provide training of UAV`s operators.


The company "DeViRo" is a registered supplier of defense production, is in constant interaction with units of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.


Our UAV`s passed hard tests in real combat conditions and proven its effectiveness and reliability.


In a tough battle environment was tested protection system of our drones, and also confirmed the possibility of mission safety with the active application of electronic warfare.


Civilian samples of our products have been adapted for use in various sectors of the economy, but maintained the military quality and reliability.


Production innovative company "DeViRo" strictly adheres to the philosophy of quality and technical innovation. We are working directly with manufacturers of electronic equipment and other components.  All components that used in our product line comes under direct orders and in most cases made by special technical tasks of our specialists.


Production innovative company "DeViRo" committed to continuous improvement of production and meet customers' wishes.